Massage Oil Body candle

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This body candle is the epitome of sensuality and luxury. Hand made with high grade ingredients, in small batches to ensure top quality.

Simply light after a nice bath or shower, let the wax pool, blow the candle out and pour into your hands or directly on the skin.

This candle can be used for a sexy, sensual massage or as a velvety smooth skin moisturizer for self. Made with all natural, skin safe, organic products that are great for even the most sensitive of skin. Take your senses on a relaxing journey while you and/or your partner wind down for the night.

Body candle ingredients: refined African shea butter, unrefined cocoa butter, refined mango butter, organic avocado butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, all natural skin safe soy wax, and skin safe therapeutic grade fragrance oil.


Always remember candle safety while using this product.