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Mujaji [Mi-ga-gee] Peppermint and Eucalyptus Fragrance, Milk bath- choose this Jar to expel unproductive emotions. Use while its raining outside if its safe. Open your windows if possible to hear the rain. With Mujaji set intention for optimism, concentration improvement, sharpen memory, clear thinking, and acuity. This jar will help relieve fatigue, stress and sadness by cleansing your whole over all aura. 


"Mujaji’s themes are balance, restoration, weather, cleansing and fertility. Her symbol is rainwater. Mujaji is an African rain Goddess of the Lovedu people, who exudes gently with fertility, or fiercely with cleansing, depending on the need. Mujajis rain will renew your spirit and lift any dark clouds overshadowing your heart. A weather Goddess, Mujaji controlled storms and floods; those who worshipped Her were rewarded with gentle rain that made gardens flourish. She sent drought to Her people’s enemies but caused rain to fall on Her people. The Goddess Mujaji seldom appeared to human beings. She is said to reside in the Drakensberg Mountains. In times past, She was propitiated with sacrifices of cattle. She also ruled over purification and cleansed Her worshippers in preparation for ritual, and the people danced as an offering to Her.”