Lavender Bamboo Soap Souffle

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Lavender Bamboo fragrance- Use this shower whip while cleansing your body in the shower PRIOR to your G bath.

Also for everyday use.

Now EVEN MORE NOURISHING with MORE hydrating NATURAL additives, all while still maintaining a thick, soapy lather. All Bathe Serene Shower whippies now contain all natural, certified organic Avocado oil, Olive oil, and African shea butter, aswell as certified organic coconut oil as an original ingredient. As winter approached these shower whippies will keep your skin super MOISTURIZED and PROTECTED. No harmful or harsh ingredients. No dyes or skin irritants.


Ingredients: soap base, water, organic coconut oil, unrefinded organic cocoa butter, raw african shey butter, organic avocado butter, organic sunflower oil, all natural aloe vera extract, pure lavender essential oil, poly 40 natural oil mix, natural fragrance, mica