My name is Jumella Hooper. I am the founder and owner of Bathe Serene LLC. Bathe Serene came about through my personal trials and tribulations at the toughest time of my life. You can say this is the golden ray of light from my testimony, gleaming onto the world.

In March of 2016, there was a tragic accident that ended the life my significant other quite abruptly. Just a week prior we were so ecstatic that I had been officially offered a position for the career of a life time! Needless to say I was torn to peices. I didn't know how to feel, what to think, or what to do next. I had never lost anyone close to me. My great grandparents were even still living at the time and I have a small family. I decided to stay the course and go to training for my new career, figuring that is what he would have wanted for me. Being busy, studying and going to the training classes helped me keep "it" together for the month I was in training. I had alot of free time after training was complete and I felt my mind going crazy. It was like I looked around a crowded room, everyday, and saw no one there. I felt no one understood what I was going through and I was on my own, not even my parents were there for me to turn to.

Traveling for work amplified my anxiety, depression, and moodiness UNTIL I started to bathe on my layovers. As far back as I can remember my mother ALWAYS took bathes. I remember I loved the aroma that spilled through the entire house while her water was going and after her bath. So the thought crossed my mind to try it, essentially time traveling to relax in those same aromas I remembered as a kid. Once I was gifted bath bombs from a popular store and I felt amazing, refreshed, and recharged. That bath prompted my research on baths and how they can be EVEN MORE healing. My spirituality increased as my anxiety decreased. Doing more and more research on Goddess bathes, Spiritual baths, and ancient ritual baths, I began to put items together myself to use during a bath on my layovers. Almost INSTANTLY I noticed I was able to manifest things quickly, control my thoughts and emotions, and treat myself to SELF LOVE, in turn, attracting true, genuine love from others. Through my healing I am able to heal others, and this all came from a bath.

I remember the exact night I heard 'Bathe Serene' just as I woke up, which gave me confirmation to continue on this divinely guided path. I have a jewel of knowledge to be able help others HEAL. The Goddess bath jars are all names after Goddesses and African deities for even more education into our history. If you learn your past you are more prepared for your future. The world needs to heal. Slow down, whine down, and take the time to heal and nurture your inner Goddess. This is my passion, my calling, and my duty. Im working to improve products everyday, and bring new information to education on self healing. I am my ancestors WILDEST dream. 💖